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Career and Technical Education Program

NOLA Tech Program

The Career and Technical Education Program offers a new pathway to students interested in pursuing a career directly after high school graduation. Through a partnership with Delgado Community College City Park Campus, the CTE Program will provide students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and technical certificate at the same time. Students who do not yet qualify for entrance to Delgado will participate in an apprenticeship program where they will learn professional and technical skills through a hands-on experience in a work setting.

The Career and Technical Education Program - education that works.

Pillars of the Program

  • Intensive academics
  • Career education
  • Life Skills: Character, Workplace Skills, Independent Living Skills

Program Description

The Career and Technical Education Program will provide a strong academic foundation combined with career-technical education and life skills: character development, soft-skills for the workplace, and independent living skills. The creation of this high school will help diversity the range of educational program offerings for high school students in New Orleans, with an aim of providing opportunities for skilled and motivated young people to enter the workforce directly after high school. The CTE Program is an innovative model for expanding workforce development capacity in our region by preparing high school graduates to take advantage of opportunities in burgeoning industries across New Orleans, the state of Louisiana, and beyond.

Program Goals

  • High School Diploma
  • Certificate of Technical Studies
  • Acquisition of practical job skills


This program is helping me become a better citizen, person, and most of all a better man."– David Jones, Career and Technical Education Program founding student